Our Story

A family-owned company, 45 Life™ operates out of the hills of Southern California. Centered in appreciation for the country that has done so much good for its people and the world, 45 Life™ came into being to help give the America-first movement a voice against the unjust big tech censorship and twisted news media narratives that aim to suppress and transform the United States’ founding principles and modern-day ideals.

45 Life Family

Our Vision

“To be a steadfast leader in thought innovation, to accelerate the growth of the patriotic mindset, and to build a foundation of conservative values that effectuate change and inspire a more bountiful and prosperous America for all.”

Our Values

  1. We’re purpose-driven. We understand we can make a difference by prioritizing truth and creating positive impacts throughout our communities.
  2. We live with integrity. We know what we believe and are unafraid to display our authentic sense of self.
  3. We’re a community. We believe we are stronger together and are here to create a camaraderie of support for like-minded thought leaders – coast to coast.
  4. We aim to empower. We exist to lend a voice – an outlet – to those who may have otherwise been silenced by the mainstream narrative.