Biden and the Bear Market: What’s Happening? | Opinion

Biden and the Bear Market may sound like a fictional children’s book at your local library, but the reality of what’s happening to the US economy is real as ever.

America is tumbling headfirst into an economic cataclysm. Seems like an ironic conversation to even be having given that the US arguably had the best economy in its history from 2017 – 2019.

So how did we get here? Let’s say it together – how. did. we. get. here.

The answer is simple, but the elite will certainly try to make it look all too complicated for the average mind. As if this is something that only “they” can fix. The truth?

It’s their pure lack of common sense that drove us here.

It’s their arrogance that drove us here.

It’s them ignoring the basic nature of economics that drove us here.

The laws of economics are finite. Paper does not create wealth when that paper does not correlate to value. When you do things like print trillions of dollars out of thin air, put a war on American energy, disregard for-profit motivators, and reign with a crusade that focuses more on wealth confiscation and open borders than addressing the wants and needs of all your people, it’s almost as if you’re asking to create a debt crisis.

Because it’s not truths like economics that matter, it’s ideological feelings that are the real markers of a successful society.

That’s what we’re experiencing under the Biden regime.

Have your opinions about Trump, but his economic policies were solid. He understood the basic principles of math because he came from a place of reality. He worked the job sites. He paid the wages. To him, money was more than just a subjective construct.

Money doesn’t matter to the swamp. Most of them aren’t even afraid to hide it anymore. They don’t live in the real world. They would rather continue to shove their radicalization of society down your throat while the country crumbles into chaos and they sit in their ivory tower.

Meanwhile they will tell you that everything is great! You don’t actually feel inflation, your finances have never been better! People aren’t actually going bankrupt, we’re changing lives! Don’t you know, the economy has never been stronger!

They are the elite engineers of society. How dare we question their priorities. It’s things like gender identity, white supremacy, and January 6th that really matter.

But their armor wears thin and most are not ignorant to the lies. And I think many of us also wonder, how much of this is intentional? How can someone, let alone the supposed leader of the Free World, have this many missteps?

Call it missteps or call it the biggest radical experiment in American history, I think I speak for almost everyone when I say: Mean Tweets 2024.


About Ashley Harrigan, Senior Editor, 45 Life

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