Reclaiming the Republic | Opinion

For too long elected politicians have sold out and betrayed the people of the United States. Powered by incessant self-preservation, this elitist power grab went wildly unchecked, apart from the Reagan era, until 2016.

The plot twist that time was that this person was one of them, and he chose to defect from their ruling class stature. Instead, he sided with the people who built, provided for, and supported the country with their hands – the everyday man.

Trump listened, he analyzed, and he did what he said he was going to do. He called out both parties that turned their backs on the middle class and broke the establishment mold. He made America great again, thrive again, proud again.

Yes, it took a billionaire and former Democrat, who had never served in American politics, to roll up his sleeves and quickly accomplish what others had promised for decades.

Trump swiftly did things like deregulated the American economy, made us energy independent, renegotiated NAFTA, got us out of the WHO and UN, accomplished record-high after-record-high stock markets, saw all-time low unemployment rates, and finally, built the wall.

Even more powerful – he opened the people’s eyes. The deep-rooted levels of corruption were exposed more than ever, and the swamp’s untouchable authority began to collapse in real time.

And it infuriated the kingdom of Washington D.C.

With Biden now ‘head of state’ the country is quickly – and predictably – spiraling in a downward trajectory, and we find ourselves hearing and saying, ‘Save America.’

Saving America is often tied to extremist words like freedom, and nowadays, has become synonymous with the common-man’s revolution. It’s rooted in an America where its people flourish, its integrity is sound, and its future is bright.

Values we experienced under 45.

Saving America means reclaiming our government.
Saving America means that our children are taught to love their country.
Saving America means the right to live in a safe neighborhood.
Saving America means being able to speak our minds without retribution.
Saving America means being able to afford to own a home.
Saving America means school choice.
Saving America means judging people based on actions.
Saving America means that our principles are preserved, and our future fought for.

We cannot afford to stay silent.
We will join the school boards.
We will attend the meetings.
We will write our local newspaper.
We will be brave in the face of the mob.
We will be unapologetically proud to be American.
We will be the vocal majority.

Like true Americans, we say: challenge accepted.

For those who wish to not join the movement, they don’t know what they’re up against.


About Ashley Harrigan, Senior Editor, 45 Life

Ashley started off her career as a press intern at the United States Senate. She is now a brand expert that has put together strategies across a portfolio of world-class clientele, specializing in the power of human connectivity. Her hobbies include traveling, aspiring to be Emily in Paris, and saving America. She and her husband are proud parents to three adorable, busy children and a Doodle.