Democratic Delusion: For Better…or Worse? | Opinion

It’s worse than some of us even thought. Joe Biden is now attempting to shake hands with thin air and the White House is putting a handler in an Easter bunny suit.

It should come as no surprise that 1 in 5 Americans don’t believe Joe Biden will finish his first term. In fact, only 45% of people believe it’s very likely he will do so (meaning most don’t believe it’s happening).

We have always believed that – eventually – people will wake up. Is that what we’re seeing here? Are people not only believing, but hoping, that Biden will not finish his agenda? We think yes.

Why? We always say that the one thing that is consistently predictable about the left is that, like clockwork, they always overplay their hand.

And so, it seems the American people are starting to turn their back to the principles of wokeism and America last. We even see this on full display with Netflix being down nearly 37%, Disney in a nosedive, Jon Stewart’s new woke show completely tanking, and CNN Plus being in a complete free fall.

And there’s a message to see here.

The message is that it’s all kumbaya and rose-colored-glasses until the veracities of policy hit your own wallet. It means that those who were center left are starting to think things like $2.19 per gallon and being tough on foreign policy sound better than 8.5% inflation and war.

It means that being awake is prevailing to being woke.

It means that these are small snippets of a larger undertow.

So of course, we bring it into perspective as we look towards November. As the Biden policies of illusion and delusion start to wear thin, what does that mean for the Republican party?

It means the tides are turning in real time.

It means we continue our anthem of economic responsibility, logic, reason, law and order, and America first.

It means that we welcome debate, discussion, and even disagreements.

It means we continue to be the red-blooded Americans we’ve always been, allowing our hearts and minds to rise above the noise, lies, and distractions of the left.

Our proverbial patriotic armor is on and we grow stronger by the minute.

Ready. Set. Rumble.


About Ashley Harrigan, Senior Editor, 45 Life

Ashley started off her career as a press intern at the United States Senate. She is now a brand expert that has put together strategies across a portfolio of world-class clientele, specializing in the power of human connectivity. Her hobbies include traveling, aspiring to be Emily in Paris, and saving America. She and her husband are proud parents to three adorable, busy children and a Doodle.