Leftist Leaks: Roe v Wade Meets Mob Rule | Opinion

Leftist privilege once again rears its head. In a completely mind-blowing move, an activist lurking within the highest court in the land has leaked a Supreme Court draft decision.

The significance of this is extreme.

The Supreme Court, by definition, is supposed to be an a-political body. Their job is to uphold the Constitution and the law of the land, to be immune to push-pull relationship of red vs. blue.

To date, the Supreme Court has held an esteemed place amongst the branches of government, being held to a different standard that is ruled by honor and integrity vs. super PACS and unspoken political favors.

That water is now tainted and the veracity of the Supreme Court in question.

Cheered on by the activist media and even being labeled a “heroic” act, the Supreme Leak is the left’s attempt to overturn the flightpath of a Court decision because they don’t like the expected outcome.

The leaker knew this would incite – and wanted – outrage and hysteria. This is an ambition to mobilize mob rule, not unlike the fiery but mostly peaceful protests that we all witnessed a few years back (remember when we talked about that it was only a matter of time until these came back before the midterms?).

Is that not an…insurrection? We’d be interested to hear the left’s take on that.

It also begs the question, if now any decision from the Supreme Court can be leaked and protests immediately assembled by activists and the left-wing media, do we not wonder where that ends?

Will the leaker be found and fully prosecuted? History tells us that leakers are never held accountable unless it is an attack on the left’s agenda.

But whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, it should concern every citizen when the legitimacy of the Supreme Court is threatened by wide-spread political crowdsourcing that is waiting with bated breath in the shadows of our democracy.

We rest our case.


About Ashley Harrigan, Senior Editor, 45 Life

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