November’s Republican Red Wave: Here’s How to Hold the Line | Opinion

Believe it or not, we’re already in mid-July. With many a sight set on the impending November cycle, it’s worth discussing, what have Republicans been doing to solidify the red wave?

Let’s start with what we already know: the Biden administration is purposefully destroying America top-to-bottom. From inflation to border security and the attack on the energy sector, Joe Biden’s handlers have put into place a series of dysfunctional policies that have zero benefits for the country they claim to love and represent.

November 2022 is the start of saving America from its freefall. And from there, 2024 and 2025 will be the bolts that start to solidify her newly formed foundation. Knowing the stakes, are Republicans doing enough to ensure a red win in the House and Senate Chambers? We know the polls generally look good, but should those be trusted?

Data shows that most Americans do not believe the country is on the right track. With this sad-but-unsurprising news also comes a golden lining – more people are flipping red. And it honestly makes me wonder, are there truly any democrats left? How can anyone stick with the left when they see what is happening to our country under its so-called leadership?

But the reality is that as historically unpopular as Joe Biden is, there are still people who will vote blue. So, let’s talk action. How are our leaders on the right standing behind the party and fighting for our values going into the polls?

Ask yourself, and ask your leaders:

What have they done to address the unprecedented prices at the pump?
What have they done to address the monies being sent abroad to Ukraine?
What have they done to address the invasion at the southern border?
What have they done to address the attack on 2A?
What have they done to address the mental health crises hitting our youth?

Don’t assume anything. Don’t let them be complacent. Don’t let them betray their base.

Use your voice. Be loud. Make calls. Rise up.
Hold the line.

Rally on towards November.


About Ashley Harrigan, Senior Editor, 45 Life

Ashley started off her career as a press intern at the United States Senate. She is now a brand expert that has put together strategies across a portfolio of world-class clientele, specializing in the power of human connectivity. Her hobbies include traveling, aspiring to be Emily in Paris, and saving America. She and her husband are proud parents to three adorable, busy children and a Doodle.