Speech Police: Biden’s Ministry of Truth Takes a Tumble | Opinion

It may have sounded like it was straight out of Harry Potter, perhaps designed to go after conspiracy wizards who dare say Voldemort had returned, but Biden’s Ministry of Truth was – unfortunately – no fantasy.

Notice the past tense was. The Disinformation Governance Board is currently on pause, only three weeks after it was officially announced.

Intended to be run by Nina Jankowicz, the Mary Poppins who openly wanted to edit your tweets if she didn’t like them, officially resigned after being put on the public’s hot seat. Now White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, says the board was being paused due to “mischaracterizations” from outside forces (i.e. disinformation). Oh, the irony.

Let’s take note of an important takeaway here. This board was a misstep that has put the left’s weakness on full display. It was an extremely bold move that was an open attack on our first amendment. In fact, it was almost so “in your face,” that it should concern every citizen as we start to evaluate just how far the government will go to maintain power.

Positive take is that we the people won this one. The Nina Jankowicz Broadway-style disinformation videos brought too much attention, from us, to an already crumbling house of cards.

But while the board remains on “hold” for now, we know that its mission will not stop. The regime most certainly didn’t intend for the introduction of their censorship circus to garner so much chatter, but they’ll almost certainly try to bring it back, if given the opportunity.

Controlling the narrative is the left’s only path to success, and they know it.

Sorry liberals, 2022 has already seen the highest republican turnout across the board in a primary in over two decades.

You can’t fool the American people forever.



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