Where Does Ignorance Stop and Intention Begin? | Opinion

Joe Biden and the democratic party came into office on the wings of eagles. Joe promised America unity, was gifted a flourishing economy, and was the darling of the media (hear no evil, see no evil).

He literally had to do nothing but be a prop for the institution.

Now we see an aspiring tyrant that aims for the annihilation of our constitution. We see policies that are not only wrong, but it seems belligerently and intentionally wrong and wilfully foolish.

How many Americans are examining the current state of the union and wondering, “what did I do?” Looking at you, liberals. Is this what you voted on?

Most of us knew Joe Biden would be a disaster, but I’m not sure any of us understood how quickly things would go down in flames. In less than two years we have:

War in eastern Europe
China’s impending invasion of Taiwan
The highest inflation rate in nearly 50 years
The highest average gas prices the country has ever seen
A destructive CRT agenda running rampant through our schools
The greatest wave of illegal immigration in modern history
Terrorist groups reconstituting themselves (thanks to a failed Afghanistan withdrawal)

….the list goes on.

It really gets you wondering, how could one leader get things so wrong? Unless…it’s intentional. Do the elite want to destroy the middle class? Are back-to-back disasters like COVID and war coincidental?

Why is that a controversial question?

Joe Biden and the democrats cheered on closing the economy with COVID, citing science as their hard-and-fast, do-not-question-this-ever rationale. But scientists with a differing opinion were labeled as conspiracy theorists, threatened, outcasted, and even fired from their jobs.

They chose to also discount the very real data about suicides, overdoses, relapses, domestic abuse cases, education, etc.


Joe openly ignored US military intelligence’s warning about the repercussions of withdrawing so haphazardly from Afghanistan.

He did it anyways.


Joe reversed Trump’s immigration policies almost the moment he took office and even refused to finish the wall, of which the steel had already been paid for.

Kamala won’t even visit the border.


Now Joe has also shut down and took away the ability for the US to be energy independent. He openly blames high oil prices on Russia, but he also bets on the public not remembering that crude oil increased 513% between the moment he took office and when Putin invaded Ukraine. It has increased 25%+ since the invasion.

Biden could easily tap into our own reserves to protect the country from its landslide into economic oblivion.

But he refuses to do it.


Their default go-to is always to create an enemy or a scapegoat.

“We can’t utilize our own oil because it will harm the environment!” But isn’t oil from Venezuela not as harmful (or more harmful) for the environment as that which is mined from the US? And isn’t supporting evil regimes and funding dictators with oil money a questionable priority?

Is this what having the “adults being back in charge” means?
What most of us see is an incompetent government that was flipped on its head the moment an outsider came into office, and now the instant a career politician gets back into power, things are reversed.

Maybe we should be asking what’s in it for them?


About Ashley Harrigan, Senior Editor, 45 Life

Ashley started off her career as a press intern at the United States Senate. She is now a brand expert that has put together strategies across a portfolio of world-class clientele, specializing in the power of human connectivity. Her hobbies include traveling, aspiring to be Emily in Paris, and saving America. She and her husband are proud parents to three adorable, busy children and a Doodle.