45 LIFE™ was born from halls of the indomitable American spirit. Rooted in rugged determination, optimism, and the unwavering quest towards a better future, 45 LIFE™ embodies what it means to live in a free and flourishing America.

We believe in the founding fathers, the constitution, and the protection of our God-given rights. It’s engraved in our DNA and glows in our hearts. We will never be extinguished. We are unafraid. We stand strong with renewed vigor, valor, and pride.

45 LIFE™ welcomes all those who wish to join the America-first movement. Together, our perseverance is unmatched, our will is insurmountable, and our spirit soars to the greatest of heights.

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Our Mission

“To shine a light on and empower America-first conservatism through the promotion of personal responsibility, freedom, and limited government.”

45 LIFE™ strives to:

  • Break through the mainstream media to help drive the true narrative
  • Identify and organize like-minded individuals to summon the power of the collective
  • Empower and mobilize America-first advocates on the grassroots level
America First

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